How to Make Your Own Caffeine Pillows, Tablets, and More

millworks has developed a coffee-table book to help you create your own caffeinated pillow and tablet. The book, Coffee & Tablets & More: Coffee & Tablet Recipes & More, features all the recipes, tips, and tricks for making your own delicious coffee and tablet products. “Coffeemaker is the place to be for those of you who want to […]

US manufacturer of mills and mills’ equipment will not build new plant in Georgia

MILLWORKS, Ga.— The American Millwork Solutions plant will remain in Georgia after all, the company announced Thursday.The decision follows a lawsuit filed by Savannah millworkers who sued Millsmill Solutions over what they allege was unsafe millwork conditions.The company, based in Atlanta, said Thursday it would stay open for up to a year after a settlement […]

What to know about the deaths of seven workers at Eastern Kentucky millwork site

Three Eastern Kentucky workers were found dead at a millwork facility in eastern Kentucky on Saturday, authorities said.The workers were buried in a rural cemetery about 100 miles (160 kilometers) southeast of Louisville, according to the Eastern Kentucky Corporation of Governments.The workers were the oldest in the company’s history.The bodies were discovered Saturday by a […]

How to get a contract with a subcontractor in Houston

A new contract with an outsourcing company that can hire subcontractors to build a building’s foundation is on the horizon. The company is called Millworks.The contract, which is worth $2.7 million and covers up to three years, was signed last month by John Fitch, the city’s undersecretary of transportation and infrastructure.“This is a first-of-its-kind agreement that […]

Why I stopped wearing pants

I stopped going to work in January 2016 and started a new job as an artisan.I’d been on maternity leave, too.But in a way, I’d always been a “man-at-arms” as my mum used to say.“When I was a little girl, she said, ‘When a man has to go, go to the kitchen’,” says Millwork, 27, […]

Is carmakers making cars to last longer?

The carmakers have been busy for the last two decades making cars that can endure long periods of driving without overheating.However, as more and more cars are designed to be driven for longer periods of time, manufacturers are also looking at ways to extend their range of vehicles.Here are five of the key areas that […]

How to make a good cobalt blue ox millwork

cobaltblueox millwork is a common pattern in the cobalt mine, which is a natural resource that comes from cobalt, which has a high carbon content.This pattern is quite versatile and can be used for many different things, from a table top or countertop to a wall hang.cobalt ox mill work can be made in a […]