What’s next for Marvel Comics?

When Marvel Comics first announced its new flagship titles, the publisher promised that its heroes would continue to be a part of their universe, but that the series’ overarching narrative would not be set in the Marvel universe.

Now, we can finally confirm that Marvel has officially announced a new ongoing series. 

Trimco and Lowe’s Millwork, which are co-owned by Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment, are slated to launch this year. 

The series will tell the origin of the Millworker (as well as his creation, the Dredd character).

The first issue, which is scheduled for release on July 12, will focus on the character’s backstory, starting with the birth of his creator, Lois Lane. 

“I know I am not going to make it through the first issue without seeing the creation of the first Dredd,” Lane told Entertainment Weekly.

“So, I am excited to tell you more about the Dones and their origins.

This is a very special moment in comics history.

I know you’re going to be very, very, happy to know that we are coming into the Domes’ life.”

Trim and Lowe are also working on a book called The Millworker and The Dones, which will chronicle the Dops’ journey through history.

The Millworker was originally introduced in the original Batman comics.

This story arc took place during the 1940s and 1950s, when the superheroines were fighting for justice in the United States and the world. 

During the 1960s, DC Comics brought the Dopes to the DC Comics line and rebooted their superhero franchise, making them the main characters of the DCU. 

Dredd, the first member of the Dope family, first appeared in Detective Comics #1 in 1965, and his character’s introduction in the DC Universe is often considered the birth date of the character.

The Dones first appearance on TV was in the TV show The Simpsons, where Dredd played the role of a young, black, gangster.