‘I’m very sorry’: Stan Greer Millworks owner says he’s ‘very sorry’ for ‘foul language’

MILLWORKs owner Stan Greingarten says he “apologizes to everyone who was offended” by his comments about the LGBT community.

In an interview with the Perth Today website, Greer said his remarks about the transgender community were “not meant to be taken as an attack on any particular group.”

He also said the “gay rights movement has come a long way since the 1950s,” and that he’s “sorry” he made those comments.

Greer has owned Millworks since 1999.

The company has been embroiled in controversy since last year, when it announced plans to reopen an industrial park in north-west Perth.

Millworks’ website says it will focus on “building better products” and “making sure we have the right equipment for our customers.”

The company says it “reinforces the value of diversity” and has a “culture of inclusion.”

The new facility will be located near the city’s western beaches.