How to fix a Mac mini’s broken headphone jack

What you need to know about Apple’s new headphone jack.

It’s one of the most significant changes in the headphone industry in a decade, and one that’s going to cause some confusion.

Read moreFirst off, this new jack is a bit different than the previous generation, which had a single jack.

Instead of a single metal connector, the new one has a pair of gold plated contacts that can be individually rotated to either side of the jack, with a small plastic button that doubles as a “sensor” that measures the distance between the two contacts.

The new jack also has a headphone jack connector that’s both larger and thicker than the old one.

The new jack has a dual-stage design, which means that it can be used to jack up to four different headphones simultaneously.

The connector can also be used with any other standard jack, as long as it can’t be connected to an external device.

The second difference is that the old jack can’t hold any signals from headphones that are larger than a single 1.5mm jack, such as headphones that have been earphones, and vice versa.

Apple says the new jack can hold up to six separate headphones at the same time, but it won’t be clear whether that’s true until we get a more accurate measurement.

We can see a couple of differences between the new and the old ones, too.

The old jack has two connections for each side of it, but the new has two for each.

That’s because the new part can be attached to other parts of the existing jack, allowing you to hook up the old part to the new.

It also means that the new is easier to remove and replace, which makes it easier to plug and unplug.

Apple also says that the jack can also act as a USB-A hub, allowing two different devices to plug into the jack at the very same time.

This would be useful if you’re using an iPhone or iPad to charge an external source of power.

Apple has also changed the shape of the new connector, which allows the new type of connector to fit more comfortably in your ear.

You’ll also notice that the connector is made of a gold plating instead of a plastic, which Apple says is more durable and easier to clean.

Apple claims the new Jack will be available in June for $150, but we haven’t been able to get one.