When a New York City apartment building fell to a mysterious and deadly collapse

A massive collapse on New York’s Upper East Side late last month left nearly 1,000 people dead and forced thousands of others to evacuate their homes.

The fire began on an apartment building owned by the American Housing Trust, a New Jersey-based company, at around 6:45 p.m. on June 27.

The building, which had been empty since May, was still fully occupied by tenants on July 1, when a fire broke out.

After the fire, fire inspectors said they found evidence of a fire sprinkler system.

The report was published Wednesday by The New York Times, and a transcript of the conversation between the building’s owner and the inspector, released Wednesday, gives some insight into what went on inside the building before the fire began.

The New Jersey inspection agency, the fire department and the Department of Buildings have said that a sprinkler in the basement of the building prevented the fire from spreading.

Officials say the sprinkler failed to shut off before the blaze started, but it has not been determined whether it was installed or if it was disabled.

“We have found no evidence of mechanical failure in the building,” the inspector told the landlord, Peter V. Houser.

“There was no structural damage to the building, the floor was not damaged.

We are not aware of any mechanical failure or structural damage that would have prevented the failure of this sprinkler.”

The inspector told Housers that there were no signs of smoke alarms, alarms that could have been used to call for help, or any fire escape doors.

“If there were any alarms installed, they would have alerted the building owner immediately,” the letter said.

Husband and wife of New York fire chief said he told him to turn off the sprinklers before the fires started.

“I told him, ‘Do not turn the sprinkles off,'” the inspector wrote in the letter.

“That would have saved a lot of lives.”

The fire inspector also said that he “did not have any experience with sprinkler systems” before he joined the department.

The inspector, who spoke to The New Yorker on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, told the Times that he told the owner to turn down the sprinkling system.

Hoskins told the inspector that the owner had no intention of using the system because the sprinklings were “not designed for this kind of fire.”

The building’s inspector, Peter Housman, speaks to his daughter after the fire on June 28, 2017.

The Times said he was told that the sprinkled water in the water tank was not adequate to protect against the flames.

He told the newspaper that he and his wife, who live in Brooklyn, had been living in the same apartment complex with Houssers and his family for several years.

The couple were forced to leave their apartment after they were notified that the building was unsafe, the Times reported.

“It was the worst night of my life,” Peter Hoskin told the paper.

“All of a sudden, the entire world went dark, and I just remember waking up in the middle of the night.”

Housmans wife told the Daily News that she was at work the next day when she saw her husband lying on the floor of the apartment.

She told the news outlet that she called 911 immediately.

“He had a big head of hair.

He had no oxygen, he was unconscious, he had no pulse,” the woman said.

“My heart was racing, my stomach was boiling.

I knew he was dead.”

Hosman and his father, a retired New York firefighter, said they left the building shortly after firefighters arrived and did not see their son alive.

They said they did not receive the report of the fire until Thursday.

Hosey’s daughter told the New Yorker that her father had been an active firefighter and that he had worked as a fireman in New York for many years.

“The fire was on his roof, he could see it,” Hoseman’s daughter said.

The father also told the story of how the family had been preparing dinner for their friends when the fire broke in.

The family had gone out for a weekend of shopping and had returned to their apartment to get dinner, but they went back inside to find Hoseys body lying on his balcony.

“At first I didn’t believe it.

I thought, ‘Who is this guy?

“When I found out what happened to him, I said, ‘This guy is the man,'” Hoseh said. “

He said that after his father died, Hose’s wife and daughter asked him to go to the funeral home to be cremated. “

When I found out what happened to him, I said, ‘This guy is the man,'” Hoseh said.

He said that after his father died, Hose’s wife and daughter asked him to go to the funeral home to be cremated.

“They said, `Well, the next funeral is a month away. We’ll be