When the ‘coronavirus’ hit Coronaviral is now an epidemic: A survey

A poll shows that the ‘Coronaviruses’ are not just a virus, but a threat to India.

The poll of 1,000 people conducted by the Indian Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI) shows that only 40% of respondents would consider a change in the country’s healthcare system, even though the country has seen the first ‘Coronal mass casualty’ (CMC) in the world.

Coronacircuit is an epidemic that is spreading from one state to another.

But the government has been unable to control the spread of the virus.

The IFCCI survey found that only 16% of the respondents have a positive test for coronavirus.

The survey was conducted on December 17 and 18, 2017.

The results were released on Tuesday.

The survey was done in six states of the country and over 1,500 people participated.

The poll shows the ‘CMC rate’ has reached its highest level since the start of the pandemic.

This has resulted in the largest increase in the number of ‘CSCs’ in the past three months.

The ‘CVC rate’ was recorded at 1,926.3.

The ‘CRC rate’ in India has also increased.

The number of CSCs has increased by 1,547.5.

The highest increase in ‘CCCs’ has been recorded at 5,965.4.

The increase in CCCs in the survey was also due to a rise in the rate of ‘cancertes’ (cases).

The survey found a sharp increase in cases, from 2,871.8 in the first three months of 2017 to 4,921.4 in December 2017.

This is the highest number of cases reported in the three months since the CMC started.

This is the first time that the country saw a significant increase in such a high rate.

The rise in cases is in line with the government’s strategy to curb the spread.

However, it is likely that this has been the case for the past few months.

India has seen an increase in its number of coronavirous cases since the beginning of the ‘contagious’ pandemic in December.

The increase has come after the government launched a nationwide vaccination campaign in late November.