How to find a new apartment in the Tampa Bay area with Broden Millworks at the helm

There’s a new breed of millennial in the market for a new place to call home in the United States.

But the Tampa area isn’t immune to that trend.

With the rise of millennials and the potential to find the kind of apartment they seek, there’s a whole slew of apartment projects popping up around Tampa Bay that promise to do just that.

The Millworks apartments are a few blocks north of the popular downtown area, but they have a different vibe.

The studio-sized apartments are tucked into a residential building that houses one of Tampa Bay’s largest grocery stores and a handful of other businesses.

The building has a pool, and there are a lot of lounges in the building, said Matt Broden, the co-founder of Broden & Co., a Tampa apartment rental firm.

They’re located on the 1.3-acre property, and the apartments will feature a kitchenette, a full-sized bathroom and a shared living area.

The apartments will have the typical amenities you might expect from an apartment, including WiFi, hot showers and a private bathroom.

But the Millworks also offer amenities like an indoor fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, a laundry facility and a fitness center with elliptical machines.

They also have a fitness studio, which features a gymnasium, weight room, weights, an elliptical machine and a weight-lifting machine.

There are a couple of other amenities, including a bar with a full bar, ping pong tables, a ping pocky table, a basketball court, an indoor tennis court and a gym.

But Broden said the apartments have the biggest advantage.

“It’s like a new neighborhood,” he said.

The apartment is in a building that’s been owned by the Millworkers since 2015.

It’s one of the first ones Broden has owned, he said, and he said he and his partners were looking for a place to move.

“We just love it here.

It just fits in perfectly,” he told the Orlando Sentinel.

The rents are starting at $1,200 per month.

Broden said that he is looking to build the apartments with the Millwork’s services.

“They’re the ones who actually build our spaces and help us build our space,” he explained.

“Our main service is our own employees,” he added.

“And they are the ones that work on the site, and they’re the guys that actually build it.”

Broden is also looking for additional space for his businesses.

He said the space is a nice fit for his business and that he’s looking for something a little bit larger, as well.

The development, which is currently under construction, is slated to open next spring.