What to know about a project that’s raising money for a Millworker’s Health clinic

A crowdfunding project launched in January is raising more than $150,000 to provide emergency care for workers at a Millworkers’ Health clinic in Saskatoon.

The Saskatchewan Millworkers Association has teamed up with a local group called the Canadian Red Cross to run the health clinic, and is working with the federal and provincial governments to provide access to affordable health care.

A recent analysis of data from the Saskatchewan Millwork Program, a federal initiative to help workers who’ve lost their jobs due to automation, found that the total cost of a worker’s health care is about $17,000.

The clinic is currently staffed by two people, and has seen a surge in donations as the season progresses.

The group hopes to raise $150-200,000 over the course of its three-year operating budget.

The Canadian Red Heart and other Canadian Red Crescent organizations have also been helping with emergency health care at the clinic.

In a recent report, the Red Cross estimated that emergency room visits at the Saskatchewan millwork clinic have increased by 40 per cent from a year ago.

The organization also noted that, while the number of people admitted to the hospital has been steadily declining, the number receiving care has increased from a low of 12 per cent to 14 per cent since 2014.