How ‘Coastal Millwork’ started and changed its name from ‘Coastside Millwork”

“It’s an amazing piece of work,” said the millworker who was hired to replace a worker who died from the mold.

The millworker, who was identified as Dan, said the company had been looking for a replacement for a couple of years.

Dan said the moldy mold was causing problems, and the mold was spreading around the millwork.

The mold spread to the floor and ceiling, and eventually made its way into the milling process.

The worker who passed away died of pneumonia on March 7, 2018.

Dan’s story was among the more than 300 millworkers at the Cooperstown mill, which is part of the Cooper School District.

Dan has been working at the mill since the spring of 2017.

CoastALMILLWORK is a co-working space located at Cooperstown.

The MillWork project is the latest effort by Cooperstown to address the problem of mold in millwork areas.

In March, Cooperstown installed a mold detection and prevention system at the site of a former millwork site in South Cooperstown, which also houses Cooperstown High School.

A second millwork location at the MillWork site was recently renovated and reopened, and an adjacent millwork project was completed.

Cooperstown is currently working on a new millwork development that will include the Cooper Center, the Cooper Park development, and a new park in the area.

The new millworks at the location of the former millworks are being done by Cooper Construction Group, which will be known as Cooper.

The company will be located in the Cooper Memorial Building at Cooper Square.

The building, which houses Cooper’s Department of Human Services and the Cooper Schools, is being demolished, and new offices for Cooper Construction will be built in the new building.

The former millworking site at South Cooper, which was also called Cooper’s Millworks, has since been turned into a park.

Cooper is also working on plans for a new downtown hotel and convention center.