When it rains it pours

LOUISIANA MILLWORKS is the epitome of a company that has become synonymous with hard work and a desire to be successful.

Its slogan, ‘Hard work pays’, has been repeated across its nearly 200 outlets across the state, but the company also has an eye on the future.

‘The next 10 years will be the greatest period in the company’s history,’ said co-founder and chief executive James Taylor Mills.

‘We are seeing a real shift towards a more innovative company with a vision for a future for this industry.’

In the next 10 to 20 years, there is going to be a huge shift in the economy and the world, and it will be a time when we’re all going to have to rethink how we’re going to live.’

In an industry where many are working hard and doing the same things, Mr Taylor Mills and his team are determined to make sure the next decade is as hard as the last.

They believe the future will look a lot different.

The next 10-15 years are going to bring about a shift in thinking about what a business is, and where it should be, said Mills, whose company, Kentucky Mills Inc., has more than 70 sites across the US.

‘I think the way we’re approaching this business is going back to basics, and we’re doing everything we can to get there.’

It’s going to take a lot of hard work to keep the momentum going and the momentum is going towards the future,’ he said.

Mr Mills’ vision for Kentucky Mills is one of many he has in mind for the next generation of Kentucky Mills workers.

The company has been looking for the right people, particularly in the hospitality industry, to join it.’

We need to attract talent,’ said Mills.’

If you’re going into the hospitality sector, it’s a tough industry.

You’re going in to work for 15 hours a day, and there are no guarantees in the industry, and no guarantee that you’re getting paid on time.’

The last thing you want is a company to be in the same situation as the people who work there.

We need to make a business out of that, so I’m going to give people the best opportunity to go into a position of being successful.’

That’s what we’re trying to do with Kentucky Mills.’

While Kentucky Mills’s motto ‘Hard Work pays’ is still being repeated across the company, Mills has also been promoting a culture of hard-work that’s become synonymous across the industry.

‘Kentucky Mills is the only restaurant that’s going after you, but there’s a difference between us and other restaurants.

We’re focused on you, our customers, and the quality of our food,’ Mills said.

‘And you know what?

It’s a very different experience when you come into a restaurant.

You walk in and there’s no pressure.’

Kentucky has always been a great place to work, but we want to be an environment where the employees are treated like our family.’

So if you come in here and are a customer and you want a good meal, we’re willing to do it.

We’ll take care of you.

But you can go anywhere and have a great meal.’

You know what we can’t do?

We can’t give out freebies, because that’s not the kind of business we’re in.’

But we can help you if you have questions about what you want to eat or if you’re not sure about what to order, or if there are certain ingredients that you don’t want to get.’

There are a lot more restaurants that want to make you feel welcome, so we need to give you that same sense of welcome and appreciation.’