Which Kansas City skyscraper has the most affordable housing?

In 2017, the most expensive condo in Kansas City went for $1.2 million.

If you’re looking for the cheapest, a 1.1 million square-foot condo at a condominium complex in Manhattan was $1,200 per square foot.

That’s about $500 cheaper than a Kansas City condo.

While there are lots of options, the cheapest apartment in Kansas can easily go for $4,000 or $5,000, depending on your tastes.

And if you’re just looking for a little bit of space, the apartment in the Kansas City neighborhood of Old Town features a loft, a full-sized kitchen, a laundry room, a pool, a large closet, a balcony and even a large, private backyard.

The price was $4.1M in May.