How to Make a Vintage Millwork (Part 1)

How to make vintage millwork can be tricky.

You might want to get your hands dirty and try some vintage millworking techniques to help you achieve a vintage look.

There are so many options out there.

We’ll start with the most basic and work our way through to the most advanced.1.

Make a simple shape and cut out your design.

You can use a standard ruler or ruler-to-scissors to cut out the design you want.

If you’re using a ruler, cut it into a rectangular shape.2.

Take a ruler and cut it out.

You might want something shorter than the width of the fabric you’re working with, so make it shorter.

If not, make it larger.3.

Use a ruler-tipped tool to trace the shape you want onto the fabric.

If the design has been cut, cut the fabric and trace the line that marks where you want the seam to go.4.

Take the pattern piece you just traced out and fold it over into a rectangle.

The top and bottom should match up.5.

Cut out the fabric pieces you just cut.

Make sure the pattern pieces are in the same orientation and not slightly off from each other.6.

Cut your design piece.7.

Take your fabric and fold the seam that was cut out.

Fold it over so that the top and the bottom are exactly the same height.8.

Cut the fabric piece out of your folded fabric.9.

Fold your folded piece over into your pattern piece.10.

Use the ruler to trace a seam.

If your fabric is too short, use a longer ruler to measure the length of the seam.11.

Fold the folded piece into your finished pattern piece and fold over again.12.

Use your ruler to make a straight line on the fabric using the pattern lines.

The fabric will be a bit longer and longer as you fold it.

If it’s too long, just fold the fabric over again and cut the seam lengthwise.13.

Fold again.

You’re done!14.

Fold over your finished fabric piece.

You should now have a straight seam on the top of your fabric.

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