Johnston Millworks, Tom’s Quality, is looking to move its manufacturing to Texas

The Texas-based company’s headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

In the past, Johnston was located in El Paso, but it now has two factories in Dallas.

According to a report in Axios, the company plans to move the manufacturing from its El Paso facility to the Texas plant.

Johnston is the largest manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel, ceramic and cast iron.

It is the third-largest maker of brass, and the third biggest maker of stainless steel in the United States, with an output of about 1 million pounds of stainless per day.

John Smith was founded in 1911 by James H. Smith and David E. Smith, and it has been headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since the company was founded.

It has a factory in Texas, but the company is not expected to close the doors there for at least a year.

Johnstone Millworks is expected to start manufacturing at the Fort Worth plant in 2019.