New moulding technology to boost the productivity of southern millwork

New mouldings and milling technology are being used in the south of England to boost productivity.

The University of Sheffield’s Institute for Industrial Engineering is creating a series of high-tech mouldings that will help create more efficient manufacturing processes.

They are being developed in collaboration with industrial and engineering company Millworks, which is creating new moulding techniques for millwork.

The university says they are expected to be ready for use within five years.

They will make millwork more sustainable and will also enable more of the jobs that millworkers rely on to be automated.

Professor Nick Wood, a lecturer in Industrial Engineering, said: “We are really aiming for the future.

It is about increasing productivity of the industry, so that’s the aim.”

He added: “This is a way of getting us there, but it is also a way to improve productivity.”

It’s not going to solve all the problems of how we manufacture, but we’re aiming to improve it.

“Millworks is looking to create up to 40 jobs in Sheffield.