How to get a contract with a subcontractor in Houston

A new contract with an outsourcing company that can hire subcontractors to build a building’s foundation is on the horizon. 

The company is called Millworks.

The contract, which is worth $2.7 million and covers up to three years, was signed last month by John Fitch, the city’s undersecretary of transportation and infrastructure.

“This is a first-of-its-kind agreement that allows us to take advantage of a number of our infrastructure and infrastructure-related opportunities,” Fitch said in a statement. 

Fitch said the agreement was made possible by a $20 million grant from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The grants are designed to create jobs in the construction and installation of public infrastructure. 

“The city is committed to bringing the best in technology and innovation to our communities and in our neighborhoods,” Fisk said. 

Millworks’ contract with the city is for a project on a vacant lot in the west end of downtown Houston.

The city is expected to receive $6 million in contracts from the company for a number different projects. 

On Tuesday, the City Council approved a $6.7-million grant to hire subcontractor firms to build the foundation of the Houston Community College (HCC) building. 

In the past, HCC was contracted with subcontractors such as Pritzker Architecture, Rizzoli Architecture, and Dornan Architecture. 

Construction will begin in June, and the city expects to receive another $2 million in subcontracts for another two years. 

With the new contract, the company will be able to hire up to 20 subcontractors. 

HCC has had a contract for about five years.

The company has built three schools, and will be renovating two of the buildings. 

It is unclear how many of the new construction subcontractors will work in the HCC building.