I don’t care if it’s a mill, I don`t care if its made in America

FOX Sports has published an op-ed explaining why it doesn’t care about American manufacturing.

The company’s chief executive, Jeff Gulledge, wrote in a column published Thursday that he has never had any qualms about using American-made materials to produce products.

Gulledge’s comments come after the company announced that its “core competency” is in woodgrain.

Wood grain is one of the primary building blocks of the construction industry, but it is also a valuable resource.

It’s used in building buildings, furniture, medical instruments and other consumer goods.

Gulley’s mill works on wood and it uses wood-framed pipes that are made from recycled wood.

The company is also using the materials to manufacture the steel mill that is part of the company’s industrial millwork.

Golley’s statement comes after other companies have said that they would not use American-built products.

American steel mills, for example, use American steel.

Gulfstream said it will not use materials made in the U.S.

Golfers’ golf club, the Par 70, is made in Mexico and the company is using American steel, as are other golf clubs.

The Par 70 is owned by the company.