Becker Millwork is going all out with their new line of products

Becker millworkers are going all in on their next line of clothing products, which are called “Becker” and “Millwork” and have been launched in the U.S. with the help of Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and more.

The Becker line is designed to be lightweight and wearable while also providing the right balance of strength and stability.

Becker is aiming for an October launch and is planning to begin selling them through Target stores starting in November.

The company is also introducing a series of fitness and workout apparel, starting with a pair of fitness shoes that are a great fit for someone looking to build a more active lifestyle.

Beers Millwork also has a line of “Belt” and”Sturdy” bags, which the company says are designed to work with a variety of different materials.

The brand is also looking to release a line for men and women, which will be a new collection of men’s and women’s shoes and accessories that are specifically designed for women.

The line will have a price point of $130.

Beiers Millwork’s brand also launched the “Sturdy Pack” which will come in three different sizes and will feature a leather-lined wallet, a backpack and a purse.