How to Stop the Republican Media’s Deeper Censorship of Trump and Pence

The GOP’s deep-seated media bias against Trump and the Republican Party has been exposed.

After years of lying about Trump’s accomplishments and lying about the Republican’s inability to fulfill his campaign promises, the media is now fully reporting the facts about Trump and his party’s accomplishments.

The media has been reporting Trump’s administration is failing to fulfill its campaign promises and his administration’s failures to do so.

The Republican Party’s media bias is being exposed as well.

Media bias is the media’s ability to report falsehoods and innuendos, rather than facts and facts-based reporting.

In short, the GOP’s media policy has been to report false information, and to ignore facts.

This is a serious problem for the Republican party and the American people, and it’s one the media has a moral obligation to correct.

Media coverage of the Republican Congress’ failure to repeal Obamacare, for example, has been a disaster.

In February, the New York Times ran a front-page article, “The Republican Congress is Unpassed and Unpassable,” in which it claimed, “the House and Senate passed the Affordable Care Act without a single Republican vote, a reversal of years of Republican orthodoxy.”

The story was accompanied by an editorial, “Republicans’ Health Bill Unpassing on Party Platform.”

The Times and other media outlets repeatedly repeated this claim, as did the Washington Post and other news outlets.

The Times repeated this false claim multiple times throughout the month, including on April 7, when it published an article titled, “Democrats have not passed a single bill to repeal President Donald J. Trump’s health care law.”

The Washington Post repeated this falsehood multiple times in its April 11 story.

The story also repeated the Times’ false claim that the Senate had passed a bill that did not repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.

The Washington Times article was accompanied with an editorial claiming, “It is true that Republicans are not yet able to pass their health care legislation, but Republicans have not been able to vote to repeal the law because they have failed to pass a single legislative measure to replace it.”

On April 10, the Washington Times repeated its false claim about Democrats not being able to repeal Trump’s law, but it did so without citing the Times article.

The article also falsely claimed, “[t]he Senate has not yet passed a health care bill to replace the Affordable Medicare for All legislation passed by the House of Representatives last week.

[T]he House, in contrast, is expected to vote next week on legislation to replace President Donald Trump’s signature legislative accomplishment, the Affordable Healthcare Act.”

The Daily Caller also repeated this lie, and its editor-in-chief, Andrew Kaczynski, repeated it repeatedly throughout the week, including in a February 16, 2017, article titled “Obamacare is dead.”

The article claimed, “(T)here is no evidence that President Donald Trumps health care plan will make people healthier or lower health care costs.”

The Caller’s editor-at-large, Michelle Malkin, repeated the false claim on numerous occasions throughout the year, including a March 10, 2017 article titled “(T), there is no medical evidence to suggest that President Trump’s proposal to replace Obamacare will lower health insurance costs or improve health outcomes.

(W)hat we know is the law is collapsing under the weight of the law’s provisions.”

A number of news outlets repeated this same false claim in a March 17, 2017 story titled, “(W)hen the Senate passes the bill, we will know whether the health care industry will have to move to more affordable and innovative medical treatments.”

These false claims are a violation of the First Amendment.

If they are repeated by news outlets, they should be retracted.

But the GOP media’s blatant and dangerous misrepresentations of the facts surrounding the Republican health care program have continued unabated, and they are now the subject of a Congressional investigation by the Congressional Black Caucus.

It is time for the GOP to address this problem.

The Media Has A Moral Duty To Correct The Republican’s Media Censoring and Dishonesty of Trump’s Presidency The GOP is fully responsible for the media coverage of its own failings and failures to fulfill Trump’s campaign promises.

The GOP has been covering false claims about Trump, his party, and the GOP, and has not only repeated them, but has repeatedly lied about the media reporting those falsehoods.

This should be a bipartisan issue, not a partisan issue.

A number or groups have been working for a year to change the GOP leadership’s media strategy.

These efforts have largely stalled because the GOP refuses to publicly admit its failure to report on the media bias, or to address the media covering false and misleading stories about Trump.

In addition, the Republican leadership is actively working to silence any and all voices that challenge the GOP and its policies, and any and every criticism of the GOP.

The RNC has not taken any action to correct the GOP for its media bias. Instead