Man who built the largest pond in the world to help save birds is ‘dead’

A man who built a giant pond in his backyard and made sure that every bird he fed got to have a feast is “dead”, according to his son.

Caleb Loeffler, 47, said he and his wife spent five months building the pond, called a garden state, at their home in Wollongong, Australia.

He said his son, Jason, who is an avid garden gardener, helped him put the pond in place in September last year.

“He did a fantastic job, but when we came back home he just passed away,” Mr Loefler said.

Jason, who was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour, has since died.

Mr Loeffe said Jason was an avid gardener and a regular visitor to the pond.

But Mr Loyceff said he was also the kind of person who enjoyed making the pond “look like it’s going to be a wonderful place”.

“The only thing he did was help make sure that we were feeding our birds as much as we could,” Mr Hochlick said.

Mr Loesford, who lives in nearby Port Hedland, said Jason had made his own pond, which he used for his own pets.

“[Jason] helped us out a lot, he didn’t want us to take any of the water out of the pond,” Mr Woeffel said.

“We had to take the water from the pond back into the pond.”

Mr Lowffler said the pond had become “like a giant home” and the water flow from the ponds water tank was “the greatest in the whole country”.

Mr Woeffe and his partner, Emma, also worked on the project.

The couple said Jason’s family were very supportive and had a lot of affection for him.

It is believed that Jason’s son, who has a terminal illness, will also die within months.

His family said they had lost a great friend.

“He was a lovely man, a wonderful father, and an extraordinary dad,” Mr Johannes said.

“Caleb is a great dad, a great husband, a good friend and a great father to so many people.”

Curtis Woeffer, a friend of Jason’s, said it was “a really sad thing” for the family to lose their beloved father.

“Jason’s family are such a lovely bunch, they really appreciate Caleb very much,” Mr Trewes said, adding that he was shocked to hear Jason had passed away.

A funeral is planned for this weekend.