US manufacturer of mills and mills’ equipment will not build new plant in Georgia

MILLWORKS, Ga.— The American Millwork Solutions plant will remain in Georgia after all, the company announced Thursday.The decision follows a lawsuit filed by Savannah millworkers who sued Millsmill Solutions over what they allege was unsafe millwork conditions.The company, based in Atlanta, said Thursday it would stay open for up to a year after a settlement […]

When To Use Starke’s Millworks for Your Microprocessor, CPU, and RAM

The most popular processors in the world are now based on the same silicon that underpins the Starke Millwork’s millwork solution, a processor-based microprocessor that makes it possible for businesses to design custom microprocessors and to design, manufacture, and sell the chips.But it turns out that there are other microprocessor-based solutions, too, and the Starkes […]

‘Dale Millwork’ – What is Dale Millwork?

Dale Millworks is a brand new product line from Dale MillWorks, the company behind the iconic Dale Mill.The company has been creating unique products for the past decade, and the Dale Mill was its first.DaleMillWorks is an offshoot of the brand which has been in existence since 2004.The product line consists of six different categories.These […]