‘Home Depot’: How to Get Rid of the Laundry Clutter

With home depot sales and inventory falling, Sears has stepped up efforts to get rid of the clutter in its stores, by implementing a new cleaning plan.The home depot store has introduced a new “clutter-free” cleaning program, with its employees cleaning the entire store to remove anything that could be a clump of laundry. “Clutter is […]

What’s next for Marvel Comics?

When Marvel Comics first announced its new flagship titles, the publisher promised that its heroes would continue to be a part of their universe, but that the series’ overarching narrative would not be set in the Marvel universe.Now, we can finally confirm that Marvel has officially announced a new ongoing series. Trimco and Lowe’s Millwork, which […]

What to expect when the new KFC restaurant opens in Westford

Westford Ma’s newest KFC outlet is expected to open in the fall, and according to the owner of the chain, it’s expected to provide an even better dining experience than the chain’s existing location.According to the Westford Business Improvement Association, the new outlet is located in the former KFC Factory, located at 1117 W. Grand […]