How do you build a job that pays a decent wage?

The new federal government says it wants to end what it calls “a vicious cycle” in which people from low-income families and the vulnerable are left behind when job seekers from the wealthy are hired.The Liberal Party says it’s an “unprecedented” opportunity to “put people back to work”.The announcement came as Labor warned it was […]

Why is the world building on the backs of women?

boone County, Maine, was one of the earliest cities to adopt mandatory maternity leave policies.The city of Boone also had a law passed in 1851 requiring mothers to work at least two years before their children were born, and women could not be required to work in their children’s daycare.The law was subsequently amended to […]

Timberland’s Trimco Millworks to close in 2019

The Australian mining giant Timberland has said it will close its mills in 2019 after a decade-long slump.The company has been grappling with declining revenue and mounting debt since 2009, when it was purchased by the Chinese company Dongfeng.Timberland’s first mill in Western Australia closed in 2018, and its second in South Australia in 2019.Timbers […]