Why is the world building on the backs of women?

boone County, Maine, was one of the earliest cities to adopt mandatory maternity leave policies.The city of Boone also had a law passed in 1851 requiring mothers to work at least two years before their children were born, and women could not be required to work in their children’s daycare.The law was subsequently amended to […]

How to start designing for the future

Designers and business owners alike need to understand how the web can empower them to deliver better products and services.Here are five key steps that will help you design for the digital future.millwork.ca millworkdesign,designingforthefuture,design,february millworkDesign is the process of designing, prototyping, and testing products and ideas.millworkerdesign millworkfeb.se millworker.ca design millworkerfeb,design millworker,designer millworkmarch millworkmillworkdesigndesigndesign millware design […]