How to beat the ‘chill out’ flu in Australia

With temperatures rising and schools closing, Australian doctors are urging people to remain indoors as the country braces for another pandemic.Key points:The Australian Department of Health is warning people to stay indoors as temperatures rise to cope with the virus”It’s very important to get a cold shower, a bath and wear long pants, pants and […]

How to Make Your Own Caffeine Pillows, Tablets, and More

millworks has developed a coffee-table book to help you create your own caffeinated pillow and tablet. The book, Coffee & Tablets & More: Coffee & Tablet Recipes & More, features all the recipes, tips, and tricks for making your own delicious coffee and tablet products. “Coffeemaker is the place to be for those of you who want to […]

What to know about the deaths of seven workers at Eastern Kentucky millwork site

Three Eastern Kentucky workers were found dead at a millwork facility in eastern Kentucky on Saturday, authorities said.The workers were buried in a rural cemetery about 100 miles (160 kilometers) southeast of Louisville, according to the Eastern Kentucky Corporation of Governments.The workers were the oldest in the company’s history.The bodies were discovered Saturday by a […]

How to get a contract with a subcontractor in Houston

A new contract with an outsourcing company that can hire subcontractors to build a building’s foundation is on the horizon. The company is called Millworks.The contract, which is worth $2.7 million and covers up to three years, was signed last month by John Fitch, the city’s undersecretary of transportation and infrastructure.“This is a first-of-its-kind agreement that […]

When a guy who works in construction dies, it’s the perfect way to remember him

EDDY MILLWORK and MICHAEL KRAWLOW are in mourning.Millwork, a construction contractor in Michigan, was shot to death Thursday morning in his house in Detroit, police said.Krawlow, a mechanical engineer in Los Angeles, was also killed.The shooting came about 11:30 a.m. when police were called to Millwork’s house on North Jefferson Street for a domestic disturbance.The […]

How to build a perfect wedding cake

The idea of a perfect cake has been around since the days of ancient Egyptians and is still a staple of wedding cakes.Nowadays, there are several cake decorating services and cake decorators in Australia.The icing on the cake for many people is that the perfect wedding wedding cake can be as simple as a slice […]