How to build a timberland farm

The timberland industry has been hit hard by the drought and the threat of climate change, which has seen timberland prices drop more than 80 percent since 2008.While the industry has managed to survive on some timber, many others are struggling to survive.The stakes are high, and they can only get higher.The Morgan Brothers Millworks […]

‘I’m very sorry’: Stan Greer Millworks owner says he’s ‘very sorry’ for ‘foul language’

MILLWORKs owner Stan Greingarten says he “apologizes to everyone who was offended” by his comments about the LGBT community.In an interview with the Perth Today website, Greer said his remarks about the transgender community were “not meant to be taken as an attack on any particular group.”He also said the “gay rights movement has come […]

Why is the West Coast so expensive?

When it comes to buying property in the West, the price tag can be steep.So it’s understandable that West Coast developers and builders would be wary of investing in the region.But it’s also understandable that they’re reluctant to take on a project with such a high risk.That’s because the risk of not doing so is […]

How to get rid of your moldy plastic garbage

Posted October 16, 2018 06:17:00 When it comes to plastic garbage, the world is full of waste.There are tons of ways to remove plastic from the environment.We’re talking about plastic in the ocean, plastics in landfills, plastic in cars and cars in the ground.But there are also ways to get it out of the environment […]