I don’t care if it’s a mill, I don`t care if its made in America

FOX Sports has published an op-ed explaining why it doesn’t care about American manufacturing.The company’s chief executive, Jeff Gulledge, wrote in a column published Thursday that he has never had any qualms about using American-made materials to produce products.Gulledge’s comments come after the company announced that its “core competency” is in woodgrain.Wood grain is one […]

How to fix the problem with the US nuclear program

A problem that has plagued the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission since 2009, when it was founded, is the aging of the nuclear fleet.And it could cause the agency to delay the delivery of new reactors.The issue is a key component of President-elect Donald Trump’s bid to revitalize the nuclear industry and cut the deficit, and […]

‘A bit of a shock’: How it all unfolded

A couple of years ago, I had a phone conversation with Stephenson, the father of one of Australia’s best cricketers.“I have an idea, we can put a little bit of the Australian public on a TV show,” he said.I don’t know what that would be called,” I said.He replied: “We will put you on it.We […]

How to build an apartment in a new downtown city

New York City is on the verge of building the world’s largest apartment building, the largest apartment complex ever built and the largest condo tower ever erected in central downtown.A new office complex that opened last week will add nearly 100,000 residents to the city’s population.But the construction process has been a roller coaster.A year […]

How to Make Your Own Caffeine Pillows, Tablets, and More

millworks has developed a coffee-table book to help you create your own caffeinated pillow and tablet. The book, Coffee & Tablets & More: Coffee & Tablet Recipes & More, features all the recipes, tips, and tricks for making your own delicious coffee and tablet products. “Coffeemaker is the place to be for those of you who want to […]