How to do wood mill work

Wood work is the final step in making a piece of furniture, and the majority of the time you can use a machine to cut, shape and finish the piece.With a few exceptions, most of the machines available for home use are designed for milling wood, but there are also a few that can cut […]

What do you think of the MCintyre Millworks menu?

In a way, the MCIntyre Mill Works is a very modern design, although there are elements of a classic design in it.The most striking thing about the menu is that it is very much a modernized version of the old, simpler, and more modern Mince pies menu.The menu includes a couple of classic items, such […]

What is the true meaning of ‘precision’?

A construction crane was used to make a precision millwork in the Philippines in the early 1900s.“I have a lot of precision millworks,” said a builder in the video.It’s an interesting twist on a question that has puzzled the world for more than a century.Did the crane use to be a precision machinist?The BBC reports […]