Ferche millworkers say union won’t allow them to stay

By JEFFREY DALY and JOHN COULTON The Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) Ferche Millwork International is the latest labor group to say its members won’t accept a contract with the nation’s largest employer unless the company changes its attitude.The union said in a statement Friday that it will fight the decision to buy a large tract of […]

Why I stopped wearing pants

I stopped going to work in January 2016 and started a new job as an artisan.I’d been on maternity leave, too.But in a way, I’d always been a “man-at-arms” as my mum used to say.“When I was a little girl, she said, ‘When a man has to go, go to the kitchen’,” says Millwork, 27, […]

Is carmakers making cars to last longer?

The carmakers have been busy for the last two decades making cars that can endure long periods of driving without overheating.However, as more and more cars are designed to be driven for longer periods of time, manufacturers are also looking at ways to extend their range of vehicles.Here are five of the key areas that […]

How to Build a Millwork Camphill for $12K

With a millwork camphill in your backyard, you’ve got a chance to enjoy the beauty of a summer day without the heat.You can do so by buying the millwork tent from the Atlantic Millworks website.The tent comes in a number of styles, including a rustic-style tent that is also built to withstand the heat, a […]

Why the new Columbia millworks in Wilmington is a disaster

By Ryan Devereaux, News Director, Breitbart News The new Columbia Millworks is a nightmare for many millworkers, but for millworkers in Wilmington, it’s a dream come true.As the Columbia millworkers union’s first full-time employee, I’m here to tell you the truth: the Columbia Millwork is an absolute disaster for mill workers.This is why, in an […]